The Coalición Latinos Unidos de Lake County is offering a scholarship to a Latino high school or college student from Lake County pursuing higher education.




It is hard to believe the time has come to pass on the baton to the next President of the Coalicion Latinos Unidos de Lake County (CLULC).  As a first-generation graduate, proud Mexican immigrant and product of Waukegan Public Schools, as well as once CLULC scholarship recipient, I am humbled to have served as the President of the Latino Coalition of Lake County for the past two years.  This has been a wonderful and meaningful experience that I am very grateful to have had.

I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude to my fellow board members for their commitment and support during my term. I have been fortunate to work alongside some of the most exceptional, passionate individuals and develop strong friendships from our work together. To our newer members- your passion, innovation, and commitment to serving our communities is inspiring and admirable. Despite the many challenges we encountered, you worked hard to fulfill the mission of this board.  You introduced new ideas and worked tirelessly in the implementation of these. To our long-term board members, thank you for the history you bring to this Coalition and the work you have done throughout the years.  Thank you, all, for putting your trust in me during these two years I have had the honor to serve in this role.

An especially heartfelt appreciation to our Executive Board which includes (Vice President) Ivan Hernandez-Arizmendi, (Treasurer) Adriana Ortiz, and (Secretary) Daisy Gonzalez.  I remember being told that all I needed to be successful in this role was to have a strong team in whom I could rely on and trust.  Well, I certainly lucked out as no matter what we faced, I knew I could rely on you, Ivan, as well as you, Adriana, and Daisy.  Ivan, your ability and willingness to support as much as needed, is something we are all thankful for. Your positivity and ability to see the good in things, no matter how hazy they seemed, was comforting.  I am appreciative for you being such a supportive VP and thankful I got to share this journey with you.  The board will miss you and your presence, but I know big things are in store for you.  Daisy and Adriana, you both came in with such passion and your commitment is evident.  I am excited to see you both continue to flourish as you embark on your second year of your respective positions. Thank you, all, for your tireless work and exemplary leadership.  Your extraordinary efforts, the great dedication you have demonstrated and spark you have each day are just some of the things that make you invaluable leaders.

We faced many challenges amidst a global pandemic, both as a Coalition and individually. The impact of Covid-19 in the communities we serve, as we know, was devastating. I was proud to stand alongside so many leaders who came together to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 in our Latinx and African American communities. I was fortunate to have such innovative and passionate individuals serve on this board who explored ways we could maintain our continued ability to support students in their educational journey – now more than ever.  There are endless stories of students impacted not only by the generosity of this Coalition but also by leaders who have been a part of this group over the years.  I hope that the many stories of these students, very much like my own, can shed light on the importance of doing all we can as individuals to support future community leaders and reminding them que si se puede!

To our members and friends, thank you. Your continued support and contributions allow us to continue making an impact on the lives of the many students that have been recipients of our scholarships.  Believe me, it is not just about showing up every month and learning from one another.  It is about coming together and showing our future leaders that we support them in their journey. I cannot tell you the impact CLULC made in my life by not only receiving the financial gift of the scholarship, but also by introducing me to people that looked like me and who helped me believe that no matter what obstacle came my way, no matter how hard and lonely the journey would be, I was more than able of accomplishing my dreams.  It has been an honor to come full circle from a once-recipient of this Coalition’s scholarship program to humbly serving as the President of this board.  I am also extremely thankful to my employer, Catholic Charities, for being an active member and supporting CLULC’s efforts over the past several years.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to my amazing husband, Juan Carlos, and family for your endless support.  I am thankful to share a life with someone who is ever-patient, supports me in my professional endeavors, and believes in me no matter how wild my dreams are.  I am very blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful and giving people that I get to call family and friends.

This may be the last time I address you all as the President of CLULC but be certain that this is not goodbye as serving on this board has ignited my desire to do more and serve more. As Dolores Huerta once said “When you choose to give up your time and resources to participate in community work, that’s what makes a leader…a leader is a person that does the work.   It’s very simple. It’s a personal choice for people who choose to put in their time and commitment to do the work. It’s a personal choice for people.”  May we all continue to be the kind of leaders our younger selves needed and strive to make an impact on those around us and the generations to come.

My very best to all,

Carla R. Gutierrez,



The Coalición Latinos Unidos has provided us with a platform to share information regarding available language services for Limited English Proficient individuals, Interpreter Training and other services that the Language Access Resource Center provides. The Coalition meetings are a great forum to network and exchange ideas with other professionals, as well as to learn about services that other agencies provide to the community.

Carolina Duque

Associate Program Director

As a previous recipient of the scholarship fund, I can tell you how much it means to not only receive the financial assistance in order to continue attending school but also how much it meant to be welcomed into this wonderful group of professionals.  What this Coalition does truly matters as they are planting seeds in this community by assisting students financially and investing in their future.

Carla R. Gutierrez

Scholarship Recipient

The networking you get every month from the meetings at the Coalición Latinos Unidos is a great resource. The benefit of networking on a monthly basis with individuals from different agencies has been a way to find information on the different types of services available, employment, scholarships, and other resources.

I have found The Coalición Latinos Unidos the place to go as an additional resource. I am grateful to be part of this great organization!

Angie Hernandez

Treasurer, CLULC



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