Melanie Hernandez

Programing Director

Melanie Hernandez is a first-generation Mexican American woman who has chosen a career in fighting for the rights of immigrants as well as other disenfranchised groups. After graduating from Mundelein High School in 2015, she then went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Marquette University. Upon the completion of her undergraduate degree, she returned home with hopes to apply what she had learned for the betterment of her community. She currently is a Founding Member of Center for Immigrant Progress that strives and advocates for the immigrant community in Lake and McHenry county and is currently persuing her Juris Docterate. Melanie is serving as the the Programming Director for la Coalicion Latinos Unidos de Lake County. She hopes to reach young Latinx Leaders through engaging, passionate, and exciting events that will help develop their skills as well as their mindsets. Her plan is to work collaboratively with the board members, members, and other diverse coalitions to create events that foster development, educational benefits, and networking opportunities. La Coalicion Latinos Unidos de Lake County is excited to begin working with Melanie Hernandez.